There A Lady in My Life

August 1974, Beverly Johnson was the first African American model to grace the cover of American Vogue.

Born in Buffalo, NY, becoming a model was not Johnson’s first career choice. She attended Northeastern University in Boston on a full-academic scholarship with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. However, with her 5’8” frame and beautiful face, friends encouraged her to look into modeling. With hope and a new dream Johnson and her mother headed to New York City’s Madison Ave.

With failed attempts to find a modeling job, fate changed when she walked into the office of Glamour magazine. After meeting with the editors, Johnson was hired immediately. With her first appearance on the cover of Glamour, the magazines circulation doubled. Within two years, Johnson appeared on the cover of Glamour magazine six times. A model icon was born.


One thought on “There A Lady in My Life

  1. I like and appreciate how you guys incorporated an actual model into the fashion aspect of the blog. Its also nice that she is a Buffalo native, and considering you’re currently blogging from Buffalo shows that proper research and dedication is being performed. Cant wait to read more. Good job guys! *Smoooochez & xoxo’s -Fia ;-D

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