Back in October I had the opportunity to attend an event at the ADAM store out in Williamsville. It was an honor to actually meet Adam and exchange a few words with him. He is an amazing person with an even more amazing story on his rise to success. You can check out his latest collection here. Peep the interview after the jump.

1). How did you make the transition from being an Ivy League psychology major at Cornell University to becoming one of the youngest to hold a global position at Oscar De La Renta ?

– While in school I was set to be an investment banker, but I was fortunate enough to live in Paris for some time. It was there I got exposed to art and fashion. I always wanted to do fashion.

2). What did you do at Ralph Lauren?

– I was an assistant store manager for the flagship store on Madison ave in New York City.

3). How did you get a position at Oscar De La Renta ?

– One of my superiors at Ralph Lauren got an offer to work with Oscar and she asked me to come with her.

4). What did your duties entail of?

– Everything. I was grateful enough to work very closely with Oscar for 7 years. I worked on designs in opening stores, over saw public relations, and advertising. I wanted to do it all. At the time Oscar wanted to redo the business. He allowed you to grow there.

5). What is something that you cannot live without?

-My two labroduddles

6). What can we expect for the upcoming season?

-I just showed the spring 2010 line along wit the Fall 2010, you could expect to see some draping, and sportswear with ease.

7) What inspires you?

– My Mother. The foundation of my style comes from her. Incredibly simple but always chic and very pulled together.

8). Where do you see the line 5 years from now?

– 20-25 stores. Growing more, into becoming a household name.

9). Whats your drive?

-Love what you do, keep a small team and constantly stay synced.

10). What advice do you have for someone wanting to take a similar path to that of yours in the industry?

– Try and get a job with a person you admire, otherwise go to school.


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