Say It Aint Sooo Buju…….


OOOO nooooooo (red rat voice). On December 8th “INFORMANTS ” met with Buju and a lady friend at a restaurant in order to discuss a drug transaction. To be specific Buju was interested in acquiring some BRICKSSSS; seven kilograms of cocaine to be exact. This is horrible news for the reggae and Caribbean community, who have looked upon Buju as a role model and inspiration over the last couple of decades. Reports say that Mr. Banton might be looking at 20-30 years, but if he has information that the authorities find useful he might be offered a plea bargain. This incident has comes to me as a major shock , because you have some artist who brag about how many birds they have flipped but you never hear of them getting knocked. I guess a good amount of folks in the music industry conduct side hustles to keep their heads above water. We all get caught up at some point in time, and everyone makes mistakes and i just hope that judge he faces totally agree’s.  #FREEBUJU

More info here


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