They Reminisce Over You

As 2009 quickly comes to an end; we begin to look back on this decade and realize that this chapter of our lives has already been written. Lets take a look back at some of the trends that we will remember in photo albums down the line.


Tattoos went from being ancient markings to a modern-day symbol of individuality. Some of us have to many, others still hide them from their parents but, no matter what tattoos are a lifetime stamp of who we are.


You have to tip your hat to the sneaker companies. Weather it was standing in line for the Griffey’s to drop or waiting for a Jordan release date.  We used to love having access to all the kicks we couldn’t afford to cop when we were growing up or if we just wanted to buy them again. The 2000’s brought back some classic kicks.


Trenches, trenches, everywhere: From the short ones, to the expensive ones, to everything in between, the classic outerwear piece came back with a vengeance in the latter part of the decade in a bunch of non-stuffy variations.


Another comeback piece, this time it’s for the dome that was widely popular in the ’40s and ’50s fitted may be the fedora of our generation, but we still got love for the old-school hat.


These have been around as long as people have been warring, but the early 2000s saw an increase in civilians of all types rocking these. The color and designs have expanded beyond the standard black combat-issued, but the distinctive high-rise and thick soles remained the same.


This ’80s and ’90s prep/trucker staple hit again in the middle of this decade. Stylish and practical (light enough for summer nights, but layer-able for colder weather),but please, for the love of Levi’s, don’t call ’em jean jackets.


With the emergence of hard-bottom shoes, the classic patterned W-shape cap toe reappeared in many collections in the latter Aughts. The traditional country-club shoe has a wing-tip pattern that always lends an air of sophistication. No white socks with these, people.


Bicycle style owes everything to the pioneers of the trend: the messengers. The look—slim jackets for aerodynamics, skinny jeans to avoid chain grab, and low-pro sneaks to fit into toe-clips—was born as a creature of necessity. Trend-followers have pushed the style mainstream, but real fixies know who’s really down.


It wasn’t too long ago that industry parties looked like athletic events and Mitchell & Ness was the preeminent outfitter of the rap world. Yeah, Jay-Z tethered the whole look, but it was fun while it lasted—as long as you don’t have dozens of $350 M&N joints collecting dust in your closet.


If the ’80s was moustaches and the ’90s was goatees, then the Aughts was the decade of the beard. Whether meticulously groomed (à la Rick Ross) or unkempt (à la white people), copious facial hair became a style standard. Unless you played for the Yankees.


Sneakers felt like they’d already peaked (this was before grown-man sneakers came along, when everyone was drowning in bright-ass splashes like the greedy geniuses they were), and hard-bottom shoes felt a little stuffy. So, if you think about it, the rise of the boat shoe was pretty much inevitable. With a more sophisticated silhouette, and enough color/pattern variety to satisfy the most voracious of hypebeasts, the summertime yacht bonanza crossed over to the streets and became a phenomenon.


We just love it when a style from our youth—like, our youth youth—makes a triumphant return. Such was the case with cuffed pants, a trend that rolled up outta nowhere in the late Aughts. Designers brought the look to the runways by working built-in cuffs and cuff-styling to their collections

80’s RETRO

The return of ’80s style was always in the cards, but who knew that cats would go this hard? The Retro Kids were the most visible (and thorough) purveyors of the trend, but the movement kept movin’ beyond hip-hop with the comeback of acid-wash jeans and classic surf brands. Now get your camouflage shit ready for the ’90s retro movement…coming soon.


People have been wearing graphic T-shirts forever, but in the Aughts, everybody (and their little brother) wanted to start their own T-shirt line. A lot of them sucked, but we can think of, oh, 100 T-shirts or so that we really liked.


They’re often known as “letterman” jackets, but in the Aughts, varsity jackets were for more than just the jock types. The classic patched-up look remained, but a host of designers cleaned up the look with more modern variations.


Much to the chagrin of ’90s-era rappers, this decade’s most notable trend sounded the death knell (in most circles) of baggy denim. A whole generation of dudes slimmed down to slim-fitting (and sometimes skinny) jeans—but unfortuately, most kids refused to wear them on their actual waists. The resulting “tight-sag” meant a lot of youngins were walking around like penguins. So here’s a goal for the next decade: slim-fit jeans that actually fit.

These are just some of the trends the 200o’s offered us. Now all we have to do is wait for the new trends to that will occur over the next 10 years!


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