The Pope Gets Sacked

What a present for the media this year, when an on-looking woman at the beginning of the Christmas Mass in Vatican City decides to leap over the barriers and go for the Pope. I mean she made Ray Lewis look like a 120-pound high schooler, playing football for the first time against pro athletes. She surely added tons of excitement to the beginning of the mass. I am guessing she caught a serious case of the Holy Ghost, or the little voice in her head told her to introduce herself personally to the Pope Benedict XVI.  But DAMN!!!!… Security doesn’t play that. As soon as the lady made the leap over the fence, they came hitting her, but she ran through them. She was a lady on a mission.

Fortunately the Pope was fine. He got up and continued to the mass and even decided to “pass up di chalice” and bless the alter with the “sensimellia” or what ever he has in that chalice.


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