The True Meaning of GREATNESS!!

Samuel Simmons, a.k.a SES Da Great is a young educated African American male hailing from Newburgh, NY.  He grew up in the streets just like many other under-privledged youth, but found balance by focusing on school, sports, and his passion for music.  Raised from a family of singers, poets, and rappers, his interests in music heightened with age.  SES enrolled in college at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he met up with a few young men who were into recording and production.  From that point on Sam who had been nicknamed SES from his initials, became SES Da Great, and his music exemplifies his GREATNESS.

Interview With SES Da Great

1.     What Got You Interested In the rap game? What was your inspiration?

“I grew up with music. Since I was young I was that kid on the block with the boom box; I had the Wu Tang pumping, I had the Ghost face with the purple tape. I come from a family of people that were into poetry and music, especially hip hop music; my older cousin, my older brother that’s all they listen to”.

“As far as music, I listen to everything. Every genre of music.  I listen to a lot of Hip Hop, R&B, and Ol’ School Soul Music – I’m inspired by all music. Sometimes I feel like a human iPod, lol”.

2.     How Long have you been rapping?

“I been rapping my whole life. Like I said, I come from a family of rappers so like, when I was young, when I was like 12- 13 maybe even younger, I was writing rhymes. But I didn’t really take it as serious cause I was always busy, you know,  either with sports or school or just basically surviving in the hood. When I made it to college, I hooked up with a producer/rapper named Intel and started doing music.   I was like yo let me go in the booth one time – I wrote some rhymes and started goin’ in.  I heard my voice through the mic and it was love.  After that, I linked up with my man Castro, who put me onto where I could get some equipment of my own.  I ended up buying my own little mic and interface, hooked it up to my laptop and I have been recording ever since mayne”.

3.     What do you feel makes your style unique and necessary in  industry?

“My flow is me,” SES says. “I try not to listen to other industry rappers as much cuz I want my shit to be 100% original. I just come home from work, get in the studio, throw on my headphones and do me…. more work”. SES goes onto say “I try to portray a message and use my education to drop a jewel in my songs.  I even got a track called Build You A House where I literally build you a house. It isn’t on Star Power but It will come out soon. It is crazy son, completely original, trust me” As far as the industry goes, I feel like there are a lot of rappers out there that do not portray a message; I understand the rap game is a business but at the same time I want to share knowledge.  Nothin better than a song that was hot and has substance”.

4.     If you had to name you top 5 artists, who would you say they are? Why and what impact or influence have they had on your style?

“My favorite artist is Me”; “My Music is Me” SES says.

“If I had to pick a top five”… “Man it is hard to do that cause I’ve listened to so many people; I am a human iPod lol”. “But if I had to pick, I would say

1) Nas

2) Ghostface

3) Hova

4) Stylez P

5) Outkast

6) Ses then went on to name everybody else he could think of

5.     As a young man with a college degree, which isn’t very common in the music industry, how do you think that benefits you?

I mean, I feel it gives me that edge. I got the book smarts to compliment my street smarts. I got that degree, that piece of paper to say that I achieved something great is now in my arsenal.  I am the first to graduate with a bachelors degree in my family.  Since a child my mother instilled the importance of education in me and my older brother’s lives.  She taught us to Dream BIG and always devise a plan to achieve our dreams.  Education was what got me out of the slums and into a successful state of mind.  Hopefully other young men raised in the environment I was hatched in will see my achievements and feel its possible for themselves.

6.     What advice would offer young artist or people interested in pursuing a career in the industry?

Keep Grinding….. I mean, it takes hard work to make it, I am in the studio 60 hours a week. I get home from work and I go to work in the studio. Live it and Love it because if not you will lose inspiration.  Most importantly remember that: Hard Work Pays off, Never take a day off, STAY BOSS!

Shout outs to I.P.R; Benji Blanco and Commissioner Castro. Click the link so you can check out I.P.R.’s music.

Also look out for SES Da Great’s mixtape named “STAR POWER” coming out March 24th, and check out his website with many of his tracks at


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