A Photographic Essay

Since returning home my main focus is getting a job and finalizing my internship for the summer. After returning home yesterday from my day of job hunting. My pops left me a book he though I would be interested in.  “The Best of Life” basically showcasing different eras of our past in a photographic manner. 

Elwood, Ind Aug 17, 1940 Photo by John D. Collins

Birmingham, Ala May 1963 Photo by Charles Moore

Memphis, April 4, 1968 (MLK ) Photo by Bill Eppridges

Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul- Jabbar aka Big Lew) Photo by John G. Zimmerman

John F. Kennedy Photo by Mark Shaw

Apparently this is how wives had to get dressed in front of their husbands

Gun-Silinging Texans Photo by Ralph Crane

The Wading Game Photo by Arthur Schatz

Still Kicking at 72 Photo by Walter Kellher

Death at an Early Age 23 yr old jumps from the 86 floor of the Empire State Building Photo by Robert C. Willes

Bonds of Fear Photo by Jim Kean

An Urban Mountain in NYC Photo by Ralph Crane

Lil Killer Photo by Peter Jackson

Mutual Curiosity Photo by Robert Halmi

A Leopard’s Kill Photo by John Dominis

A Eagle’s Swoop Photo by George Silk

Jitterbugs dug the Lindy Hop, named for Lindbergh’s flight Photo by Gjon Mili

Wrong Number 22 undergrads of St. Mary’s College looked like the ulitmate example of stuffing people into tight places Photo by Joe Munroe

3-D Movies in 1952? LIVE Photo by J.R Eyerman

BOSS(Rick Ross Voice) Photo by W. Eugene Smith

Golden Eagle Howard Hughes dressed very fresh may I add Photo by Burk Uzzle

Youth Power Photo by Perry C. Riddle

Read the Caption next to the pic Photo by Michael Mauney

Genuine Pops Photo by Philippe Halsman

Light-Up Bill Cosby savors a first puff on his cigar Photo by John Loengard

Kansas Fraternity men assemble the second most important ingredient for a spring blanket party Photo by Walter Sanders


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