The Roots of Our Reflection Eternal

Late Saturday night I received a text message stating The Roots and Talib Kweli would be doing a free concert at Prospect Park in Brooklyn Sunday July 11th. immediately I sent out text messages and posted it on Twitter. Usually when we attend these events the crowds are endless! Upon our late arrival we all had thoughts of jumping the police barricades and just get closer while everyone else was actually taking advantage of the 55 rookie police officers on guard. If you never seen a crowd erupt at one time mouthing words of some of the greatest mcees of all-time I suggest you go to a Roots or Talib Kweli concert sometime soon. Head nodding, hands waving side to side, and toe tapping to some dope wordsmiths to ever spit in the rap game.  There were no riots or anything of that nature just cool positive vibes on a nice summer night.

If we didn’t show how we were influnced by this concert then the night couldn’t be complete.


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