Visuals That Runaway {Thoughts?}

Mr.West has been known for his strange visuals to accompany his music. Running full speed down a long windy road while Nicki Manji entails the story as the narrator. Mr. West took on a opening scenes such as James Bond(Sean Connery) would back in the 1960’s. While pushing a MTX Tatra V8 through what appeared to be the same road he was running along mouthing the words from his intro track of his upcoming album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” The stage was set musically and visually while a loud crash appeared out of nowhere.

As the story continues The Phoniex becomes Kanye’s new lady friend. He addresses her about viewing the news, plays beats for her to dance to and even takes her out to dinner where things end up going heywire. The acting wasn’t anything oscar worthy but the music to scene flow was on point.  Upon first viewing the film I took it for its cinematic artistry, and musical greatness left trying to decipher the message for later views.

Explosives, tailored suits and G.O.O.D music is just a few words that brought Kanye’s Runaway film to life. Of course not breaking beard with the phoenix will cause a problem it’s only right. The visuals for this film were epic not to metion the orignal tracks that were underheard of  or placed on repeated from G.O.O.D Friday releases.

Modern day art was showcased this weekend through your televisions or computer screens. Your mind was either left you in an artistic state or puzzled as to what the exact message of the short film was. After viewing this modern-day metaphorical soap Oprah of course my first thought was all of the colors, costumes, locations and storyline throughput the movie. Kanye and Hype Williams did a great job. Hopefully in the future we will see these two team up again for a longer featured film!


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