Daily Essentials: Bobble Hat

Protective winter gear the sun may shine brightly but due to our current positioning it’s just pretty cold out.  As soon as the clock hit midnight on the first of November the air became colder and my freshly brought pair of thermals came out of the packaging.

A Bobble hat or Bobble cap is a colloquial (usually British English) term for a knit beanie or tuque trimmed with a yarn “bobble” or pom-pom upon the crown. Bobble hats are generally considered utilitarian cold weather wear. In the late 20th century United Kingdom they are associated with utilitarian unfashionability (like the Anorak) or older football supporters, as they were popular in club colours in the 1960s and 70s. With the pin on Rosette and Football scarf in club colours, the bobble hat is seen as traditional (if old fashioned) British working class football regalia. In the 2000s the bobble hat has become popular with some celebrities and not always considered to be an entirely unfasionable choice. The term is coined as a false British term of abuse (“you bobblehat“) towards a middle aged man who has lost his charisma in German playwright Botho Strauss’ “Der Park : Schauspiel” (1983): a reworking on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream set in 1980s England


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