Daily Essentials:Hand Knit Nordic Sweaters

I’ve been a member of Ebay for the last 4 years. And each year I learn more about fashion the better my ebay shopping become.  And it appears that unpound my recent findings that the hand-knit Nordic pullover’s need a spot in my closet. This season, the boldly colored sweaters featuring classic intarsia patterns along with embroidered animals and stitched snowflakes can be found almost everywhere.

Norway and knitting go hand in hand and has long been a tradition of the country. Norway’s special knitting techniques are found in today’s wool Norwegian sweaters. Since the 9th century, the wool from Norwegian sheep has been used for Norwegian sweaters, in order to make warm sweaters for long and cold winters. The Norwegian wool works great for high-quality Norwegian sweaters. The wool’s fibers are long and curly. When the fibers are made into yarn it makes strength, lightness and warmth.

Today, norwegian wool is not only popular for its practical advantages, but also for the fine patterns and exclusive garments that can be created from it. When you slip into a hand knitted woolen Norwegian sweater, you can feel the refined softness of the wool. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take too long before people all over the world found the benefits of traditional Norwegian sweaters.

Norwegian sweater designs are inspired by the magnificent nature that surrounds Norway and by Norwegian’s love for the mountains and the great outdoors. Norwegians have long traditions in wearing knitwear for both sport and leisure, and a woollen Norwegian sweater is for many the obvious choice while enjoying nature and mountain life.


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