20 Years Ago Part I:Baggy Suits

I was getting for the NBA All-Star festivities so I decided to watch NBA tv all day with a occuational channel flip. While watching 90’s dunk contests and switching back to VH1 soul just to see a few videos. I noticed baggy suits  everywhere. In the crowd, music videos and analysts had them everybody.  I figured why not post about it seems interesting and point out how decades have changed so yea. This is a little mini series I got for you.

Back in the day it seem like no matter your height or weight everybody brought suits from the big and tall section. Groups like New Edition, Dru Hill and Jodeci used to specialize in such a category. Now a days tailored is the movement weather by an individual or a group.

Today’s tailored garments are mirrored after the Rat Pack from the 60’s. Bringing music back to a more classical era.

Dapper of course. Why not? It gives you a more presentable look but I also do understand that at the time baggy everything was in. We went from pum pum shorts wearing NBA players to baggy thanks MJ.

Baggy suits! Now imagine if the tailored look was in then and bag was in now….yea I couldnt imagine it either.


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