20 Years Ago: Timberland Boots x Baggy Pants

Boy have times changed. (Moment of silence) not really due to trends or style always being repeated. I wanted to tackle this post because while attending college in Buffalo I had moments when it snowed a ton and I’ll throw on my timbs with baggy jeans that are in the back of my closet. Those were the days I always got hit with the Wu-tang tag.

Made legendary by Nas, Big and Wu-Tang Clan timberlands and baggy jeans was patented as swag in the 90’s. Besides ill haircuts your gear had to be on point. The only thing thats changed since is the fit of the jeans. Just a tad bit tighter with timbs or boots of an expensive nature.

It was surprising to see some of today’s style icons/musical geniuses pull off this look. Kanye was in london the fashion capital when he showed up in all black with black timberland boots on. These days here and there redwings have taken the place of timberlands Drake is a prime example of a huge red wing fan.

1995 probably was hip hops peak year with lyrical time bombs being kicked with timbs on. This trend will not leave anytime soon. Lets just hope the jeans don’t get tighter than they already are that would be a problem.


2 thoughts on “20 Years Ago: Timberland Boots x Baggy Pants

    • Thanks its much appreciated but in all honest I basically just go to google I’ll think of a year like for ex Richard Pryor 1975 and whatever pics pop up I choose the best one and thats about it.

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