Loft music

I guess we have been slacking in the music department huh? Don’t worry we’re back to serve up some fresh head noddage for you.

Big K.R.I.T Return Of 4eva

Played Big Krit album all the way through with no skips, its very rare that I do that. Talented cat. Simple and plain!

At the end of last year I had a problem understanding how one of the greatest hip hop groups of our time was dismantling. After sitting down and discussing The clipse with my homies I realized malice decided that he was in a better place as far as his life goes and continuing to rap wasnt his calling. Leaving Pusha T to continue on the legacy of two Bronx’s brothers raised in VA. The gates of Heaven open and “Fear of God” is hear for your listening pleasure.  FEAR OF GOD

Odd Future has officially taken over hip hop in every way shape and form. Which is dope and crazy at the same time. A group of 17-22 year olds shock rappers, skate kids, rule breakers, content creators sums them up. On a mellow note Frank Ocean is a member of OF dropping off his talents all you have to do is listen. Nostalgia, Ultra.


I got a call from back home one day from my homie Jace. He didn’t say anything but Brandon DeShay and hang up the phone. Of course after a call like that I decided to go along and listen to homie out the Chi. Peep it for yourself. Volume III. To Get Ready

The Weekend has some new music to provide for you. HouseOfBalloons


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