Late Night Flick: Idlewild

How often do you get the opportunity to see one of the greatest hip hop groups of all-time make a movie? (Watches the tumbleweed roll by) “Idlewild”relives 1930’s African American culture with a twist of funk. Musicals usually have this tendency to either put me to sleep or barely catches my interest.

The ATLiens captured a lifestyle which showcased in any other movies may have seemed depressing. Around the time of the Great Depression the nightlife prevails. Life lesson enjoy it by any means no matter what struggle you’re in. Swing dancing, gambling and money what more could you ask for. Idlewild brings you 80’s year back into time with no Delorean. Struggling households scraping by each day but music is always the healer.

Settings in the back roads of Georgia where few probably travel these days. Nightlife in any era can resolute in gun wars and drug usage. Through it all love leads to the lost and found at the same time. Losing love leads to showbiz success in the end. Follow your heart folks!


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