Odd Future Concert at Terminal 5

I started my Wednesday off with two bowls of frosted flakes and ended it with a lost voice at a Odd Future concert.

Got the call from my homie Shane (who had a killer week btw congrats to him) around 6pm. “Yo Trav just come to the city and we’re gonna hit the concert.”  Threw on some fresh rags and was on my way. Upon arriving at Terminal 5 the first thing we heard while crossing the street “I should have said I was 16.” Only at that moment did I realize this concert was sold out by the high school crowd.

Mosh pits and stage dives! A night filled with them. It was cool how OF mixed up their set instead of having each person go one by one everyone was on stage rocking out enjoying life and the music they bring to people. I was hoping to hear a few more cuts off of Under The Influence  but it was a great concert none the less. Here’s some more footage.


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