Occupy Wall Street leads to Force

Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail. Charles F. Kettering

This officer’s face(Doug Heffernan look alike) explains it all.Last Saturday a few homies and I went to support being college students and all. To wake up this morning to hear the was a raid with no media coverage is crazy. Power when you have it, it’s unlimited. Which was clearly abused early this morning. 30 different cities need to reach one common goal. Thats the only way to take out a higher power. The police opened the gates to Zuccotti Park just after darkness fell and let in a single-file line of people as a crowd surrounded the park. Some chanted “Let us in. Let us in.””There was no plan for how to keep the park occupied throughout the night in the face of the new regulations, and many people made arrangements for overnight shelter. Some people offered couches to one another, and two Manhattan churches opened their doors and said protesters could sleep there.

Shortly after midnight, about a hundred people remained at the park, and some said they were prepared to stay awake through dawn.”The operation in and around the park was a blow to the Occupy Wall Street movement, which saw the park as its spiritual heart. The sweep was intended to empty the birthplace of a protest movement that has inspired hundreds of tent cities from coast to coast.

The clean up crew



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