Live From The Underground

In the day and age of digital download overload. I figured it was time to revisit the underground to hear a couple of albums that may have been overlooked in the past decade due to mainstream overflow. I discovered 30 albums that I feel many may not know about and decided once a week I would provide you with something to head nod to. Basically the idea or inspiration came about earlier this week when I went on to “hypebeast” for the first time in a few years, the first thing I saw was a poll question asking if full length albums were being killed by singles. The example they used was “Mercy” currently a platinum single and running the radio is taking away from actual album quality music. Most people responded with no, albums are still alive and well. I wanted to started with some new new shout out to “Overdoz” by the way. I want you folks to hear two hip hop albums today. First up is Clear Soul Forces “Detroit Revolution(s)” representing Detroit and Blu who is getting into the veteran stage of the game with “Below The Heavens” from Cali.


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