Renaissance Rap

In a generation lost within “turnt up” and “swag” few take heed of what different cultures thrive off of. Art, a broad statement, word and meaning provided for us to dssect in our own opinion and format. With Jay Z’s recent release of “Magna Carta Hoy Grail” we witnessed a change in not only his dynamic, but Hip Hop as well. Hip Hop and art have been siblings since the genre’s creation. Graffiti, dance and rhythmic poetry all entitled under one roof to form what we know today as “rap.” Jay Z challegnes ideals states he is the modern day Piassco live from Pace Art Gallery.

Of course social medias played a major role on Jay’s feedback for this short film. Here are some comments via twitter, youtube comments and instagram.

“This is horrific! It has no social context and is not “art” in any form. Of course it has no redeeming social value because this imbecile is a racist in the purist sense. His “music” reflects a propensity of violence against women. In the least, a glorification of it. The money for this production would have been better spent to build a school for performing arts. Not for a spent artist who knows nothing about true, artistic performance.” – Memphis Sommers(Youtube)

“This guy is on another level of rap. Evolution of rap trying to keep it going. Rap is not dead and should never be.” – Joe Torres (Instagram)

“That’s the beauty and the curse of art. People can perceive it as they please. I can’t speak for the man himself, Jay was trying to show off. – Chloé Magnolia (Twitter)

“I like that he didnt just think of this as a collaboration of just music, but a collaboration of different styles of art. Picasso Baby is pretty interesting.” – Vsirin

“What’s it going to take for you to see I’m the modern day Pissaco baby.” -Jay Z

Piascco Baby Short Film


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