Album Review: My Name Is My Name

Did Pusha push it too far?

“Mr. Get It By The Boat Load” also known as hip hop’s king pin is going to serve up nothing less than Scarface drug influenced, money in the ceiling, ride or die girl filled bars. Pusha T’s “My Name is My Name” was released on October 8th of 2013. Of course after giving us great mixtapes such as “Fear of God 1 and Wrath of Caine” we expected nothing less than a great album from King Push especially with assistance from Hudson Mohawke, Pharrell, Rick Ross and Kanye.

Buy or Download?

King Push starts off the album inviting you to a  futuristic trap setting with a statement that stands out throughout the album. “Im King Push, this king push, I rap n*gga bout trap n*ggas, I don’t sing hooks.” Pusha lets listeners know this is bigger than any dope he’s ever sold it’s his time to take over the rap game. As the song disgresses we are welcomed to one of this years street anthem “Numbers on the boards” followed by a very different sound with “Sweet Serenade” which aims for a more radio friendly audience featuring Chris Brown which transitions from high energy to a more mellow atmosphere.

In my opinion “Hold On” could have been the lead single off the project with a very strong guest verse from Rick Ross and background vocals from Kanye West. After this tune the album begins to slowly unravel. Pharrell provides a Neptune sound we haven’t heard in a while with “Suicide” accompanied with a guest verse from Re-Up Gang member Ab-Liva. You can’t deny the bounce behind this track, but the depth of the track overall wasn’t as strong as procieved. Followed by “40 acres” featuring The Dream. It provided a depressing/turning point in a film as Pusha discusses his family ties,  growing up in a household with both parents, his brothers change of heart and past relationships. A more heart-felt song which we usually don’t get from Pusha T.

“No Regrets” & “Let Me Love You” were not memorable songs, but provided a little balance to the project. Now the album picks back up with “Who I Am” featuring 2 Chainz and Big Sean. With just Pusha’s verse alone this track would have been great, but “2 Chainz” and “Big Sean” assisted on another boastfully G.O.O.D music record over the trunk-rattling beat. Then we take a stroll down a crack filled alley with the dealer and product. “Nosetalgia” is a track the gives you two different views of life. One a person who serves to live “what I sell for pain in the hood, I’m a doctor” says Pusha. While bystanders watch how people they love are effected and wanting to be better than their predecessor. “Daddy, one day I’mma get you right with 36 zips
1000 grams of cocaine then your name will be rich” said Kendrick. With two strong verses and a sample of KRS-1 Nottz laces a banger.

Speaking on life’s negative on “Pain” featuring Future. Kanye West and No. I.D provide a church like atmosphere where Pusha tells us of all the negatives that cause pain in an average dope boy’s life. Closing out the album with Pharrell singing “Sorry N****s, I’m Trying To Come Home,” storytelling giving you any scene in “Blow” where Boston George is caught red-handed serving. As the album closes we’re left wondering what happens next. To be continued.

Overall this project was a strong 6.  It was a good label debut by The BX born hustler but, there were a few elements still lacking. As far as consistency, transitioning and tracks that were just fillers. The production and lyricism were on point, but most of these hooks will not outlast the dawn of time. We know Pusha’s second label release “King Push” should definitely out do “My Name is My Name” for sure.



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