Daily Essentials: Double Monk Strap Shoes

It’s easy to lose a sense of style when the winter is approaching due to the change in weather, fashion trends and just not knowing what to wear at times. Get ready to pull out your duffle coat and add some flavor with your monk strap shoes.

It is a moderately formal shoe which is a few notches under the Oxford, but more so than an open Derby. In between these, it is one of the main categories of men’s shoes. It often has a cap toe, is occasionally brogued, and is popular in suede.

Sometime over the past year or so, double monk-strap shoes became the most talked about shoe on the Internet. And since this is the Information Age, that surely makes it the most talked about shoe in the history of the world.

The reasons are both obvious and elusive. It’s certainly a rare shoe, and thus something many hadn’t seen before. So when a few dapper sartorialists appeared on style blogs wearing double monks, the menswear generation flipped out, and a new trend was born.

Of course, monk straps, or shoes that fasten with buckles, go back for centuries. The double version is simply the latest to catch the public’s attention in the endless in-and-out cycle of fashion. On the formality totem pole, monk straps rank somewhere in the middle: less formal than lace-ups like oxfords, but with a dressier vibe than your average loafer. In this age of mixing high and low, formal and casual, they work just as well with a sportcoat and flannels as they do with jeans and a sweater.

“Our own takes on the shoe, which include both single and double-strap versions, exhibit all you’d expect from Paul Fredrick: quality at a great price, and a design emphasis on variety and uniqueness. Our Wingtip Double Monk is the connoisseur’s choice, a spectacular nod to classicism with its wingtip detailing and yet thoroughly contemporary. In contrast, our woven version, which contrasts smooth and textured finishes for visual interest, is fully leather lined, and has a cushioned insole for all-day comfort.

And for something really different, check out our Double Monk Strap Boot, and don’t be afraid to wear it with both a formal suit and a pair of corduroy slacks.”


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